UKBC Coffee 2018

Callum appearing at UK Barista Championship 2018

Theme of routine: The relationship with a farmer growing from supplying coffees for house blends to experimentation with processing methods in the pursuit of innovation and proving something new and exciting for the ever changing and demanding specialty market.

Country: Colombia

Region: Cacau State

Farm: La Marianela

Lot: Zorro Micro Lot

Altitude: 1600-1800 masl

Varietal: Catimor

Process: Kiln dried natural (Force dried)

Recipe: 18 grams of coffee - 29 second extraction - 36 grams of espresso in the cup

Why is this coffee so special?

Catimor was developed in Portugal in 1959 by scientists looking to create high yields, high disease resistance, small plant size (i.e. higher density planting) and fruit is quick to ripen, guaranteeing high productivity if well maintained. The variety is a hybrid of the Timor Hybrid (resistant to coffee leaf rust due to its Robusta genetic roots) and Caturra. Being genetically related to robusta means this coffee normally has a higher bitterness level.

This is not a coffee seen at all in the competition circuit. This was an opportunity to showcase a farmer innovating and driving the coffee industry forward. He has taken something and made it outstanding. By taking the coffee through a controlled 20 hour fermentation soften acids and increasing body we add our first layer of complexity. The Coffee then goes into the kilns to dry. This happens between 3-7 days and between 20-30 degrees as its dependent on the coffee cherries moisture. This forces the drying process giving us something similar to a ‘natural’ process in looks and flavour.

"In this competition I showed this coffee as 2 roast profiles. The espresso profile was 1 degree lighter allowing more of the raspberry notes and acidy to shine. The milk drink roast was marginally more developed muting some acidity and providing more balance."

Espresso tasting notes:

  • Fresh just ripe raspberries
  • Caramelised orange
  • Melted brown sugar
  • 70% dark chocolate

Milk tasting notes:

  • 40% Milk Chocolate
  • Very ripe, late season British strawberries
  • Classic vanilla ice cream

Signature Drink:

  • 3 shots of espresso
  • 15ml cold filtered water
  • 5 grams of soft brown sugar
  • 30 grams of fresh butter

"For the signature drink I took inspiration from a classic French butter sauce, known as Burree Monte, or Monty butter.."

  • Cook over an induction cooker set to 70 degrees.
  • Whisk 15mls of filtered water, and add 5 grams of soft brown sugar to create a syrup to provide balance with its sweetness.
  • Add 3 espresso shots and continue to work together.
  • Carefully add 30 grams of my fresh butter 10 grams at a time whisking to create an emulsion.
Tasting notes:

70% Dark chocolate ganche, Scottish raspberry and butterscotch which takes the place of the sweet buttery pastry (essentially a raspberry torte).