Beyond Coffee

Meet our Partners...

Born Wild Tea

Born Wild Tea are an artisan tea company based in The Cotswolds, who specialise in blending high quality, ethically sourced and flavoursome teas.

They use natural fruits, oils, herbs and spices in order to create tea blends that are not only good for you, but also taste delicious. All of their teas are ethically and sustainably sourced and are carefully selected based on their individual flavour and aroma profile.

Born Wild Tea are all about the customer’s experience, and they are here to help you create a specialty tea menu that your customers will love.


With a huge focus on design, quality and innovation, Wilfa aim to deliver the best filter coffee making experience to coffee shops, homes and offices.

Founded in Norway in 1948, Wilfa are one of the leading suppliers of electrical appliances in the Scandinavian countries.

Innovation is at the heart of Wilfa, and their recent transition into coffee making appliances has been hugely successful, with reviewers and coffee bloggers singing their praises.


Loveramics, a name fashioned from a Love of Ceramics, was founded by a passionate group of people who share the same goal; to create beautiful, practical and affordable products.

Loveramics aim to break the mould on pottery, push the boundaries and shatter stereotypes to produce stylish, contemporary designs where passion is evident in every piece.

Simplicity is key in all of Loveramics designs and they favour minimalism, using high quality materials to produce clean, clear-cut designs.


Known as “The King of Glass”, Hario is a globally recognised, specialty coffee and tea brand.

All Hario products have the same philosophy at heart: quality and functionality that are beautiful and useful in equal measure.

Known for their beauty and quality, Hario’s heatproof glass products are made from 100% natural minerals, making them very environmentally friendly.