Our Sourcing


Full transparency back to farm


To us specialty coffee is coffee full transparency back to farm and ensuring that the producer is rewarded above and beyond market price for the time and energy that goes into growing specialty coffee.

These wonderful plants require constant love and attention in order to produce the healthiest and highest quality fruit. This requires a tremendous effort from the producers who dedicate their lives to growing specialty coffee for us to enjoy.

Making sure that the farm owner is well rewarded for their efforts is only one part of sourcing responsibly. We also look for the profits being spent in the community, to reward those who helped the producer, such as the cherry pickers.

The farms that we choose to work with reward their teams with good pay, but also by building schools, health clinics and community hubs to make sure the entire community is supported. We like to think that happier people pick the best coffee!

Looking after the environment and local biodiversity is equally important. We will always make sure we partner with producers who truly care about our planet. We choose to pay a premium for speciality grade coffee from producers who share our ethical values, this way we can guarantee the livelihood of these farmers as well as the highest quality green beans.