• Designing a coffee menu for your coffee shop

    The question often comes up, ‘how do I design/improve my coffee menu?’ Really, it's about keeping it simple and making customers comfortable with the ordering journey - with a splash of seasonal drinks to keep your offer current. View Post
  • What is the best espresso for a coffee shop?

    It's hard to decide which espresso coffee to use in your speciality coffee shop! Of course taste comes first, then price, and also being ‘easy to use’ day in and day out. But there are a few other factors to think about: supply chain, ethics of sourcing, support from a roaster and equipment to name a few. View Post
  • Coffee journey through the farm

    With our blog this month we wanted to take you behind the scenes to learn more about the different stages that our coffee goes through at source, before making its way over to us for roasting!

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