UKBC Coffee 2016

Callum appearing at UK Barista Championship 2016 (featuring the best hair cut)...

Theme: No theme this was Callum's first competition after only 18 months in the industry. He was there purely for the experience!

Country: Colombia

Farm: Santa Barbara Estate

Lot: Finca Camelia

Altitude: 1800 masl

Varietal: Colombia & Cattura

Process: Washed

Recipe: 18 grams of coffee - 28 second extraction - 38 grams of espresso in the cup

Espresso tasting notes:

  • Marsipan
  • Vanilla
  • Dark Cherry

Milk tasting notes:

  • Frangipane
  • Vanilla
  • Butter

Signature Drink:

  • 2 shots of espresso
  • 250ml custard
  • 40ml cherry jam
  • Madagascan vanilla pod
  • Heat the custard and vanilla pod to 70 degrees
  • Add the 2 shots of espresso and whisk together
  • Separate into 4 glasses
  • Add 10ml of cherry jam into each glass
  • Before drinking swirl the glasses to work the jam into the drink