Home Brewing - How to brew the perfect V60

The V60 is a brew method that delivers clarity, brightness and balance. It's a fantastic choice for brewing at home if you don’t like a lot of body in a coffee and want to experience the subtleties of your chosen beans. You can make exceptional coffee in under 5 minutes and you’ll get addicted to the ritual of brewing this way.


  • V60
  • V60 Filter Papers
  • Roasted Coffee
  • Grinder (or pre-ground coffee)
  • Digital Scales (0.1g accurate if possible)
  • Kettle
  • Filtered Water (Between 92.2 ̊c and 94.4 ̊c)


  • Grab your coffee and weigh out what you need (my mug at home is 250ml so I use 15 grams of coffee)
  • Get your kettle on the boil
  • Grind your beans to a medium grind size (similar to granulated sugar)
  • Add the filter paper to the V60 and pour hot water over it. This washes any paper taste and also preheats the V60 to aid the brewing
  • Place the V60 over your favourite cup and add the ground coffee to the V60
  • Place this all on your scales and tare them ready to brew
  • Add your water from the kettle (after it’s boiled, leave for 30 seconds to reduce the temperature slightly)
  • Add 50ml of water to allow the coffee to bloom (give it a good smell) and wait 30 seconds (if you don't have scales, just add water until it's 2cm above the coffee)
  • Add another 200ml of water slowly (ideally over a 2-3 minute period) making sure the coffee stays wet the whole time. (If you don’t have scales just add water slowly until your cup is almost full)
  • When you have finished, remove the V60 and enjoy :) (bonus points for putting the waste coffee and paper in the food bin)