Fire & Flow coffee roasters in the top 10 Cotswold producers

by Char

We’re so excited to announce that we placed 2nd in the best producers in the Cotswolds! The awards, run by ‘Cotswold Eats’ take place every year to showcase the best of food and drink in the Cotswolds. Along with the top producers, the awards also celebrate the best places in the Cotswolds to visit.

We launched Fire & Flow, a Cotswold-based coffee roastery, late last year and have since weathered the fun and interesting storm that has been 2020! From the start we focused on roasting great tasting speciality coffee, with a big emphasis on consultancy, support and barista training.

Over the past year, we have enjoyed supplying and working with some of the best coffee shops and cafes across the country and in the Cotswolds, helping them take their coffee game to the next level. Everything that we do is with the aim to add value to our partners and to support them in their success. Which is why being named in the Cotswolds top 10 producers means so much to us, and we appreciate all of the support that our partners and customers have given us on our journey so far.

We have big plans for the future, we are currently starting work on a brand new coffee roastery based just North of Cirencester, as we have quickly grown out of our current space. The larger space will allow us to accommodate a barista training centre and increase our overall efficiency - which means more tasty coffee for more coffee shops and coffee lovers! We’re looking forward to what the next year will bring and as long as we are roasting and supplying delicious coffee for you to enjoy, we’re happy!