Dairy Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Plum & Treacle

Oat Tasting Notes: Caramac, Dark Chocolate & Macadamia

Origins: Papua New Guinea & Brazil

Process: Natural & Washed


The story behind the cup...

Paradise Mountain, Papua New Guinea (Washed)

This coffee was grown by smallholder family farms, situated in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. We sourced this lot exclusively from Paul Pora's wet mill, where only the highest quality of red, fully ripe coffee cherries are hand-selected for processing - resulting in a deliciously sweet and well balanced cup.

Ibiraci, Brazil (Natural)

Ibiraci, aptly named "the tree mother" in the Tupi language, is located to the south of Minas Gerais, and is well known for producing outstanding Brazilian coffees. The natural processing method, along with the perfect combination of altitude, rainfall and temperature, helps to produce a high content of natural sweetness in the end cup.

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