Dairy Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Caramel & Nuts

Oat Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Maple & Pecans

Origins: Brazil & Burundi

Process: Natural & Washed


The story behind the cup...

Brazil, Fazenda Barreiro

Fazenda Barreiro is run by Francisco Otávio Lotufo and his family, who take great pride in combining their family’s coffee growing traditions, with a commitment to farming in the most environmentally and socially responsible way.

Francisco is also dedicated to preserving the farm’s beautiful woodland, water sources and native wildlife.

Burundi, Akawa Project

Part of the Akawa Project, this coffee was produced to support the livelihood of coffee farmers in Burundi, with the aim to help them escape poverty in a sustainable and economically viable way. The project also finances UTZ certification, which puts a big focus on sustainable farming practices and improving working conditions.

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