Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Maple & Nuts

Origins: Brazil & DRC

Process: Natural & Washed 


The story behind the cup...

Ibiraci, Brazil

Introducing our ‘Cotswold Blend’ featuring a naturally processed Brazilian coffee, sourced from the renowned Ibiraci region. Ibiraci, aptly named "the tree mother" in the Tupi language, is located to the south of Minas Gerais, and is well known for producing outstanding Brazilian coffees. The perfect combination of altitude, rainfall and average temperature during the year produces a high content of natural sweetness in the end cup. Along with this, the natural processing method adds to this sweetness, giving this blend its delicious milk chocolate, maple and nutty tasting notes.

Coffee is one of the main crops in this region and has been a salvation for the area, financing infrastructure and industrialization over the years. They take their coffee seriously here, and have been perfecting it for many years, earning a considerable reputation in Brazil’s coffee community. With a chocolatey-rich, sweet and indulgent flavour, this perfectly balanced coffee is a real treat. We love using this blend as an espresso base - it makes an awesome flat white!

Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kalungu

This delicious coffee is sourced from the village of Kalungu, located near the shores of lake Kivu - one of the African great lakes. The Kalungu washing station serves 380 smallholder farmers who live in the surrounding areas, 44% of whom are women. It also serves as the processing facility for CAPCKI - a ‘coffee for peace’ cooperative.

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