Tasting Notes: Blackberry Jam & Hibiscus

Origin: Guatemala

Varietal: Catuai, Marsellesa, Pache, Sarchimor

Process: Natural


The story behind the cup...

La Nueva Era, Fedecocagua, Guatemala (Natural)

The Nueva Era is a cooperative located in Jumaytepeque, in the Santa Rosa region of Guatemala. Jumaytepeque lies in the foothills of a volcano where they benefit from higher levels of potassium in the soil, bringing extra body to the coffee.

Many Xinca communities exist in this area where the forest and the environment have a large impact on their culture. Smallholders here lovingly tend to their coffee in the shade of the forest, hand-picking each cherry with the utmost care and respect.

The smallholder producers are at the heart of every decision in this cooperative covering all areas of education to agronomy and production. With advance payments and full training, every producer is empowered to grow the best quality coffee beans.

This particular lot has been processed naturally, where the coffee cherries are dried on patios for 4 days without any turning. Following this, they are moved 6-8 times per day until they reach the perfect moisture content.

In the end cup you can expect luscious dark berry flavours balanced by a touch of sweet hibiscus!

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