Tasting notes: Chocolate, Plum & Treacle

Origins: Uganda, DR Congo & Brazil

Process: Fully Washed & Natural


The story behind the cup...

Bugoye, Kasese, Rwenzori , Uganda (Fully Washed)

Grown in the magnificent Rwenzori Mountains (a.k.a. ‘Mountains of the Moon’) where the high altitude, fertile soils, plentiful rainfall and natural shade from banana trees provide perfect farming conditions.

Kirindera Women's Peace Coffee, DR Congo (Fully Washed)

Kirindera Women's Peace Coffee by the Coopade cooperative was developed to support the livelihood of women and their families living on the borders of the Virunga National Park.

Fazenda Do Salto, Brazil (Natural)

Dr. Fabio Araujo Reis works with his two sons and daughter to run their family farm. The farm employs 35 people who all have a hand in producing their fantastic coffee.

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