Dairy Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Plum & Treacle

Oat Tasting Notes: Caramac, Dark Chocolate & Macadamia

Origins: Uganda & Brazil

Process: Fully Washed & Pulped Natural


The story behind the cup...

Bugoye, Kasese, Rwenzori , Uganda (Fully Washed)

Grown in the magnificent Rwenzori Mountains (a.k.a. ‘Mountains of the Moon’) where the high altitude, fertile soils, plentiful rainfall and natural shade from banana trees provide perfect farming conditions.

Fazenda Recreio, Brazil (Natural)

Fazenda Recreio played a big part in the birth of speciality coffee in Brazil, and with seven victories in different editions of the Cup of Excellence, the farm continues to produce an extremely high quality of coffee to this day. Along with a drive for quality, the owner is also dedicated to protecting the environment and local wildlife.

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