Filter Tasting Notes: Lemon, Peach & Black Tea

Origins: Ethiopia

Process: Natural


The story behind the cup...

Ethiopia, Worka Cooperative, Yirgacheffe (Natural)

The Worka Cooperative is located in the southern area of Yirgacheffe, in the Gedeb woreda (district). Home to thousands of coffee farmers, the Gadeb district is known for producing some of the best micro lots in the world. 

Across the area, small-scale producers; some with no more than one acre of land, will bring their prized cherries to the community washing stations for diligent processing. When the individual producers work together in this way they benefit from higher quality processing methods, and in turn, a higher price for their coffee overall. 

Through the Worka cooperative, producers are offered training across many different areas including how to improve farming methods and best management of personal finances. This helps to increase the quality of production, and supports producers in their financial planning for the off-season. 

In the cup you’ll find a good amount of acidity with quite an intense body - we love how clean and smooth this coffee tastes, with those perfectly-balanced fruity undertones. 

This naturally processed coffee is dried for anywhere between 18-21 days with the fruit still on the bean, the pulp is then removed before export. This gives way to the delicious peach and lemon notes.

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