Tasting Notes: Hibiscus Mojitos

Origin: Colombia

Varietal: Caturra 

Process: Washed


The story behind the cup...

Oso Frontino, Esperanza Fajardo, Colombia (Washed)

This microlot was grown by the wonderful María Esperanza Fajardo at the farm Oso Frontino in Colombia.

Fajardo has played an important role in promoting women in coffee farming across all of Colombia. She was the first woman to raise the female voice on the departmental board of the Colombian National Coffee Federation Congress, and along with four other remarkable women she established Sello Mujer (the first association of coffee growers in Valle del Cauca).

Coffee cherries grown at Oso Frontino are harvested with a strict ripeness criteria and are hand-sorted to remove any defects. The coffee is then fermented underwater for 30 hours before being pulped. The high altitude at which this coffee is grown enhances the sweetness in the bean and allows more of the complex flavours to shine through.

From the end cup you can expect a sweet, clean flavour with zingy acidity. This coffee gives us notes of juicy lime, crushed white sugar and refreshing hibiscus!

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